I’ve come to believe in the victory of good –

Darwin won’t save us,
Why blame true salvation?

Human life should be cherished,
And if it’s already being cherished,
Then cherished more,
Giving up on any human
Is a mortal sin,
Electrocuting another human being
Is a mortal sin,
Giving up on oneself
Is a mortal sin

We’re not alone
Even when we’re alone,
Everything is a rendition of something deeper–
Everything a mystery together,
Everything a oneness rhapsody

What we risk our friends risk
What we love our loved ones love,
And when we die something in everyone dies

Our circle is precious –
It grows and grows,
Like mycelia many miles
In the dark,
We can either drag everyone down
Or pull everyone up –
We are forever saving someone
Or someone is saving us,
Deeply loved either way –

True freedom comes when our friends become free;
And the same goes for success, love,
And just about everything else

Everyone is our friend
Until they prove otherwise,
Then they’re merely our responsibility,
Despite massive human effort
To institutionalize the contrary,
God still shines most brilliantly through the poor,
The alienated, the brokenhearted, the unloved
And the forsaken lost

We are gamboling through space
At 2.2 million miles per hour,
Or 611 miles per second,
Yet nearly frozen,
Within the agonizing splendor blossom
Of some utter, indecipherable and resilient
Ubiquitous birthing of an insatiable,
Wild infinite awareness

Hear the mountains coronet the realms of St. John
As infinite mercy draws right from wrong
The palace of forgiveness burns bright tonight
If you ask GOD to drive, better hold on tight,
He knows all about our secrets and lies
His love supersedes all the other guys,
In the realms far above the madding crowds:
Above the howls
And the growls
Through the lost hope bowels,
And the mysterious hollows,
And all the “throw it in” towels,
Where the owls watch close
As the alley cat prowls,
The flip flop meandering ragamuffin follows,

“We are the creatures of God –
Our souls won’t rest until they rest in him,
They called him the loverboy of GOD;
The loverboy of GOD
But a fool amongst men.”

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