Ghosts Of Sweet Surrender Paradise

Ghosts Of Sweet Surrender Paradise

We must be free of loneliness
To feel it’s freedom
And we can only be lonely
Within our existential progression
Toward our merging of consciousness
With unlimited love
As unconditional love

I was washing dishes
When I thought
Of making love to you

I was pruning bushes
When my mind contrived
Our best sequestered rendezvous

I was sipping daisies
When the league
Of atoms all mated up
And got in line

I was lost
In moonbeams, shadows painted blue genes
Ghosts of sweet surrender

I was reeking angel
As love’s mercy intervened
Perhaps finagled
The One Eternal Holy Eye

I’m a speck of dust
And in you I trust
Now falling flowing floating
Through the Sun of suns

So wrinkled… so awry…

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