Like a violent flake of snow,
Like a johnny come lately
Merry Christmas
Moratorium on woe,
To pretend we never used to
Just surrender
Disinclined to let the mounting storm
In existential fury blow

Now here’s the spin
Six feet deep and under or within
A blizzard’s rage in training,
I couldn’t think of any better way
We could have made
These great days of nothing
Titillate with wonder
Any better
Or resonate more succinctly
To our knees
Where we finally began to pray

If ever we rest our case
If ever our ship comes drifting in
If ever we go without
If ever our stars so readily align
If ever the brazen bells yell loud
The magic mystic logos
In the sacred wine
Or holy name
Of the best bequested true love story

Allowed our one phone call
But only reach the machine
Choked full
With the words from a well worn lineage
In great epiphany explosions
Of lovers ever framed
Master of a moon soaked blossom’s
Blinding snow delusion
Whence from where we came

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