This Is How I Am

This Is How I Am

There’s a lioness behind each wish
That waits there on the prowl
There’s a sentencing within each
Desperate kiss,
There’s no remedy strong enough
In this almighty hour,
Until what fades is gone enough
To allow the showers
Of silent unseen flowers;
A conflagration of consciousness
Ablaze within,
Please help me brother,
Why am I this way

There’ is an endless kiss
Right back at
The origin originator,
There is a lonely prayer
That seeds the fecund moon at night
There is a fatal joy
That reigns down on imagination station
There is a heart so pure
The other side of space and time,
There is this restless urge that hits us
Sooner or later,
As destined now or never
Do or die,
Where there’s duplicity
It behooves us to fathom what is greater
Until there is nothing left to divide –
Please save me sister,
Why am I this way

Not to say there aren’t unhappy hours
When we wished
The light of our own consciousness
Did not exist
May we rather see the hours
As part of the unwinding
Of our own attachment to unhappiness,
The scroll of love is endlessly unrolling
Through the endless hours of pain that separate us
For the endless power of love that is our right,
Please help me Baba
Why am I this way.

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