Glandular Love

Glandular Love

Love is a glandular emotion
Experienced through the gross body
On the gross plane of consciousness
And has value
To a greater or lesser degree
And to the exact same degree;
Relative to any of the innumerable
Individual, illusive consciousnesses
At the moment in the tantra
Of all existence being
The beginning, occurring and ending point
Of an illusory time, matter and space

All life, love and their manifestation
Comes from the original source of divine love
Which is unimaginable, ineffable
And incomprehensible
But is
And may be known
Only on the apparently endless road
Through the caterwauling whirlwind of “Experience”

Glandular love
In all its agonies and ecstasies at the same time
Is how we learn to grow in love
Through the gross world
And to those worlds beyond where
Spiritual love mostly supersedes
The gross plane of awareness

As interpreted from God Speaks


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