Love’s Most Radiant Rays

Love’s Most Radiant Rays

Any lying is still lying

Any excuse for lies is a lie unto itself,
When it comes to lying
I have my own choice
But then everybody else doesn’t?

Any self proclaimed special dispensation to deceive
Gives only the delusion
Or the imagination of control –
Every sacrifice means dying

Any religious adherence to
A denouncement of love
With no exception
Reveals a stubborn hardness of heart,
Not the pseudo compassionate lie enablers
In praise of a stagnantly individual
Creed of some hidden subterfuge
That strangles the open mind
And builds walls that prohibit the open road

Lying can be spreading
Like one’s permanent face a mask
Worn immutably
As the initial ceremonial debut broadcast
To a forever watching world –

What it fails to understand
It fears, and what it fears
It soon begins to hate,

Or just let it burn to dust
In the contagious truth of love’s
Most radiant rays.

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