Magic Day

Magic Day

There’s nothing wrong
With games to be played
Or records kept
Of secrets now well publicized
To seal some things with a kiss
But careful with that crystal
Another veil within
The shadow of another veil
Of worn out diamond ideations
Filled with shameless silver empires
All born of the nothing promulgated within
As good as gold imagination strewn
From the winsome, lonesome bluebird
On a wire

I don’t think we
Can find the truth in happiness
(Happiness can only be found in the truth
Of who we really are
Inside within

The enjoyment outside
Without pain
And then the nothing of death
Is all that we are
All that we have
All that there is
All we can hope for…

Are you kidding?)

In the name of love
We can’t just rip
The veil of the world away
From someone’s consciousness
When they’re a million
Lotus blossom galaxies

We can’t just take
The weight of the world
From someone’s shoulders
In fear they’d sail
Unmercifully away

Truth’s pain winds up
Being nothing evil
But just another mercy
Another kindness
We might have to learn
To live to figure out and comprehend
In perfect oneness, peace and equipoise
Some other magic day.

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