Greetings From The Planet Earth

Greetings From The Planet Earth

Unless each of you forgives
Your brother from your heart…

Which I started doing
When I quickly realized
I’m the brother
I need to forgive the most

I begged, borrowed, stole
And complied
Just for a smooth ride

I dreamed the broken sullen undertow
Just for a bag of balls and some dough
And life’s amazing and beautiful
Illusive architecture glued together
By pretty men that sell you all those
Pretty lies

Yet he did not take my experiments
In godlessness
Into account

If human nature doesn’t take you
Nature will
Aware the truth within intrinsic nature
Our freedom’s oxygen
Our rose ablaze

No yes and no no
No need to lose sleep
Over it
No need to be sleek
About it
Do we have enough food?

I lost a sense of what’s right
What logic makes
What dream the great director
Greater still anticipates
It’s all right to be wrong about it,
Since it seems so high on our list

Some things we want to remember
Too much
Used as a crutch
The more we forget
The more we fall in love

To die remembering
Live for getting
For giving
For sharing
The source of a new oneness
Dawn illuminating yes
It’s cool
But don’t want it so much
It’s a poem
Like a synergism of concern
Or the lover undercover
Or even in the dazzling brilliance of day
Each step we take we take inside
Creatively ornate
Through the blue
Resistor registers sparkling high
Just to think
We are more than we are
Just to think
We love more than we knew
Just to think
Still out on the street
A tiny thread of silent broken dust
Sprawled beneath
The golden treasure triumphant
Blossom bliss’s blessed lotus feet
To the macrocosm of the microcosm
Of the microcosm of the macrocosm
Of the millionth cosmic universal river aligned
Within what we are right now

Greetings from the planet Earth
O lonesome love

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