A Very Influential Star Drenched Night

A Very Influential Star Drenched Night

Fear is an incompetent advisor
Reason isn’t everything
Today’s reason
Might be tomorrow’s senselessness
The swirl forever fabric spins
As we appear
Forever bound to it

I used to say go deeper go deeper
Now I say
You can hold off for a little while

What you don’t know
Don’t hurt you
It kills you,
Everybody says goodbye

Everlasting consciousness
With never ending knowledge, power and bliss
I’m just a mere inconsequential slave
A lone frog croaking through
A very influential star drenched night

It is the cognizant quintessence
Unfathomably deep within the innate essence;
A gift that superseded the dawn
Of the initial sourceless whim
When it all boils down to it

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