Everything Ad Infinitum

Everything Ad Infinitum

A mere moon-drop from thine eye
A drop away from the sanitarium
Whose core is built within each now
The nothing within the Everything ad infinitum
When the instantaneous question who am I
Spawned the instantaneous answer I am GOD
Within which instantaneous existences are born
As the illusion
Or to whom the bell tolls or wonders why
To dowse my arrogance
With a blooming rain
A sip and a dip of the nectar shadow
Of the ancient lotus blossom feet
As a rose to the what we are
Within this ever mounting blaze
Fueled with the fleeting apparent
Holding a deep and high regard
For all the suffering divvied out
And if my soul be broken down
Here’s to when it rises up again
Infinitely complex like a thorned crown
It’s not meant to be all puzzled out
But impeccably conceived
To the crises through experience
From dust to oneness grasped
Come all come see
O Parvardigar
In every shadow cast

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