The goal was to get humanity
To want to snuggle up with him
Next to the fire
As he unveiled
The many magical neo-mystical enchantments
Born of love and mystery
Not for the money
Not for all the power or the glory
Not for lust or adulation,
Inebriation, humiliation or illumination
But for the Dandelion;
The OM of an OM of an OM
An amen an ameen an aamin
An Adam, an atom, an atum
A chitra a gupta, a yantra a jantra
A tantra a mantra
Quarks, gluons and faith the size thereof
So be it
As was nestled in the karmic sanskaric grave
All measured in with what was took
And what was gave
At love’s fingertips
Way back before the infinite sunrise –
Sealed with a kiss

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