See this is how the stardust works
The way the light runs right through your system
The way it jostles into space just so
They way it wraps around your solar finger
There’s no barrier for the blood
There’s no equator for these encased equations
When a heart opens up
Right up to love

It’s in her tantric mantric gust of hair
It’s in her musky, dusky hips
It’s in her lily lips and angel flare
It’s from an ancient desperate dare
It’s forever hiding red
On that there yonder tree
The love of love
The love of older love
The love of new born love
The lost and lonely love
The love of you’re the one and only love
Emerging consciousness
With a rose bouquet and heart on fire
Fresh in from an eastern sea
Entombed by boring intellect
Took a gander at the stars
Glad to see I finally found you
Though I’m recent back from Mars
Left some cherries on the table for you

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