By-lanes And Thoroughfares

By-lanes And Thoroughfares



Of our utter helplessness and futility

Our absolute microscopicity

And our boundless capacity for iniquity

What we know of the universe

Let alone beyond the universe

Is so close to absolutely nothing

It might as well be called

Absolutely nothing, so I will


We can have just so much intellect

We can reason, rationalize and theorize

Just so much

At which point we need to come to terms

With what we don’t know

And what we don’t know

Contains universes

At which point the denial

Of the existence of GOD

Is just a subatomic event

In the establishment of one’s own

Grand framework of delusional certainty

In infinite modules of imagined control

With arguments and augmentations

That would have been more convincing

Had they been the incomprehensible

Crying out at night

Of some narcissistic caveman tooth fairy
The only thing we really ultimately do

Is praise GOD

Everything else is an insult

In it’s utter denial we just make it clearer

When defiance comes to betray him with a kiss

In the dust

And the angels rust

Were you your only hymn

Of what was lost or what was crushed

When headed down…
On the by-lanes and thoroughfares of love

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