A Pilgrim’s Lullaby

A Pilgrim’s Lullaby

You can’t believe what you think you see
All that’s proved is proven lies
Debutantes so suave and debonair
Predatory in disguise
Wolves doggy dogging right on through
Another embryonic plight
Thugs you thought that you once knew
Cave man lookin’ for some bright
Bathing in a sea of wine
Can’t tell if it was false or true
Floods newer waves of sunshine in
Another darkly burgeoned night

We are mere lonely pilgrims
Algorithms in tight genes
Rolled in on an endless sea
We became bubbles bubbling
Boiling over

There is only one shortcut
In our intimate struggle
For the one perfect peace
We became a slave
A judge a hypocrite man
And a woman wrestling
For the only silent impossible jewel
Left there at the five and dime

It’s such a long long ride
I let Baba be my guide
And in GOD we trust –
Right here
On my side
And don’t sweat the small stuff

In the valley of the broken soul
Where the old allurements are like rust
Waiting to become the golden dust
Where plenty of GOD’s servants rock and roll
In a pilgrim’s lullaby

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