Prisoners Of Jest

Prisoners Of Jest

The more I get to know you
The more I realize that you were made for me
Maybe not in body or in mind
But in that unnamable thing

I’m just a poet
Happy only in your happiness
What would the world be without your
Schweetie kiss

So I asked Baba to use me
So the Holy Spirit
Might have a chance
To breeze right through me
Just to get home to you

We inherited everything
We were gifted our diamond ring
At the first inhalation of being breath
We became who we must become
A movie star, a prisoner, a bum
An enraptured being,
A trillion-aire or suffragette
We get whatever we must get
As we pay the price of surrender;
So dreamed human prisoners
Of the endless jest
To quote Macbeth
As servants to a greater day

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