Rock The Cradle

Rock The Cradle

It’s like Tai Chi
It’s like medicine
It’s like pay back
It’s like what is to come
Like a drop of a box of I-Ching sticks
Like a box of rain
It has side effects
Rifling through
Another vast primeval power trip
Lost in the song of songs
Dazed by the impact
Hung up on yet another
Broken ancient artifact
The universe freed across
An unthinkably vast imaginary dining table
Sit a deeply loyal inner circle
Bursting with treasures of no equal, with no label
In one sacred sovereign
Holy festival shrine
Just a daze reflected thread
Unwound sanskaric darshan binding
Light from every single molecule of mass
Or leave of grass
All things must pass
A mere sentence in the grander fable
Another fill ‘er up with gas
As we endlessly rock
The endless cradle

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