Grave Diggers And Stargazers

Grave Diggers And Stargazers

And love is God’s true religion
Universal, diverse, wide, broad
Diversified, eclectic, liberal, latitudinarian
Comprehensive, all-encompassing, all-embracing

Light lives
But love thrills in light’s revery
The prophet just nods
All his minions named “Truth”
Finally scatter
All finalities and strays
Won’t really matter
The ending is near
I hear the far away pitter-patter
Of marching feet
Don’t know if it’s a baby
Or an entire division
Got a holy medal of St. Anthony
Patron saint of gravediggers
And stargazers
Previous agents, when they heard modern
Just polished the chandeliers
As head of the modernization
Of the spiritual planes committee
She politely, yet humbly
Recommended more colors, more words
More ideas, and alas
More chandeliers

GOD’s grace is sufficient
His splendor is timeless
He does not proclaim fear
But emboldens us
He does not bring us to despair
But to light
He does not dwell in darkness
But in truth
He does not condemn
But forgives
And resurrects anew

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