Pictures Of Amazing Flowers

Pictures Of Amazing Flowers

I thought love created freedom
How could I be so mistaken
I don’t know anything
I’m just a puppet on a string
I try not thinking when I think of you
All my thoughts are like insults
Unworthy of the living truth
Like a man without a mission
Makes one up
I set out to rediscover
The font of love
How long will it take
For us to shed enough fake
To make it real enough to see
There’s ‘something greater’ at stake

I traded sorrow in
With one drink of you
I can’t think of any dream
Getting any deeper
You’re laughing at me
As I am somewhat
Trapped in my love for you

The greatest vanity
Is to be so concerned
About other people’s vanities

It’s like you hate the jealousy inside you
So much
By hating those whom
You are reflecting
With the latest greatest
Vanity measuring gauge applications
At your fingertips
Backed by science;
A social media census joint
Filled with self-proclaimed hypocrites
Like me
Maybe I’ll just post
Pictures of amazing flowers

But I’m not the judge
I’m just a mere witness
On the witness stand

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