For The Sword At Full Moon Lake

For The Sword At Full Moon Lake

If only it had really happened that way
Been arranged
A flip of a coin
A drop of a hat
A good swift kick in the you know where
Another plane
The nothing game
The tragic dance
The initial final reveal from a long worn mask
And a vast irresistibly inescapable trap
Where, risen up individual bubbles
Bubbling over
The initial existence-less infinite wisp of nothingness
From the deep blue sea
Born in floods of dark suggestive shadow radiance
Flushed with newly scented vampire blush
Sifted from the rubble remains
Of someone else’s drunken beauty
Or some other agent’s endless crush
Through someone else’s sacred kiss
Not just some random cutie patootie
Some hundred trillion years before today
A glancing wink, an easily misguided whistle
In something else’s deepest thoughtless mindless brain
Transcribed amidst patch clandestine thistles
Dreams and desires of hopes and poems
Written in someone else’s blood
Sweat equity
Slavery, imprisonment
For someone else’s crime
Picking someone else’s cotton
Working in someone else’s mine
In someone else’s dream
Service, sacrament or sacrifice
Fount guilty or innocent
In the midnight choir
Where the angels beam
For the sake of an act of contrition
For the sword at Full Moon Lake

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