Fortune Cookie Proclamation

Fortune Cookie Proclamation

Our hearts are on fire
As we grovel in the ash
Of noncompliant electrical wires
And impressive thick wads
Of cold hard cash
Of whoever’s another ready made
Delusional fix on a minuscule point
Burned through like a consecrated
Concise precision laser tantric focused light
One eye, one mind to feed
On the map of some other would be world
In a duck tape space/time vortex consortium
Imprisoned by an unending
Unrelenting inner light
If there wasn’t a creator
Before creation
There is one now
Without the tricks
Or frame by frame hooks
Or the hacks
With no names,
No rapes, no ropes or numbers
No wires or scissors
No nonesuch dog & pony consecration
That old man river
Quasi quantum
Cock robin delusional
Sacred plane
Fame infused glamor faded
Eager to surrender
As far as I can remember
Strapped across the covert crack
You better watch out
Or you’ll end up
One of the ones
Out on the streets
Or in the gardens
Of much more ambitious plantations
And you can’t look back
You can never look back
To what was already gone
The moment it became a favor
You can go ask Alice
I think she’ll know
She comes from a long line
Of way back when
From the no name inn
I think she cooks there now
Or at least she did
Years ago
For all The Universal Inner Astronautical Association
Talent Scout Conventions that passed through town
In those days
Through the ancient silent salient
Fortune cookie proclamation portal
With an announcement:

“Great good fortune now awaits us all
And we’ve only just begun to dance.”

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