The soul is neither young nor old
Good nor bad
Male nor female
White nor black
Yet individually unique in an unnamable way
That only GOD can see
And those that GOD allows to see
One and apart simultaneously

One of the reasons I believe
In reincarnation
Is because of all those times
I find myself
Saying to myself,
“Let me do it over again
With a few of the facts
I can do much better”
And they named it Mulligan or a Murphy –
When GOD made us the namers
The Irish took it to heart

We have to experience all things
And it takes approximately 60,000,000 lifetimes
Sub atomic through human
(The crown of creation)
To do so

True love is no romance of flowers and chocolates
True love requires
Our hearts be broken thoroughly
Then resurrected back up again
In the name of the Lord

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