Benediction Gaze (2 for 1)

Benediction Gaze

evil from good
good from evil
plant your glory seeds

i am but
a lonesome gross plane pilgrim
lately on my knees

i tend to shy away
from where the killers feed
to obey is to love
the neuron-neon networked
robot streams
impressed impregnated
involved consciousness
drowned completely
in ardent, unprecedented robot greed

thank you for food banks
and the work of those who care
thank you artists and apostles
and altruistic millionaires
thank you mothers and fathers
and all the sacrifices made
thank you all their sons and daughters
here’s the torch
to sojourn onward
through the many myriad shadow mansions
in search for the vital precious oneness
within his benediction gaze


The Yes Of Love

We have this concept
Of love
But love is so much more
Than just a concept,
It’s an encompassment,
A yes

As so it is with GOD
Who’s name is mercy
The gross world
Just a prison
Rivered with pride
From instinct to intellectual contempt
In conversation
A mere shadow of
The illumination
The inspiration
And as so ultimately dies
At the end of the emboldened gala
When the truth is the prize
If we could but reflect
May it be so duly promulgated
If we could look deep within
The minds infinite array
Through the endless depths of skies
We come to finally understand
The yes of love

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