The Suspect + The Unutterable Name Of Names

The Suspect

It’s almost like I’m supposed to be the suspect
And now I expect it, attract it
Now I suspect myself
For something someone else did

But how dare I think
How dare I even ponder
How dare I hope
How dare I breathe


The Unutterable Name Of Names

Maybe you were an angel
Granted a human soul
Via unquenchable desire
And dutiful services rendered
Just to realize the light
Through some ultimate soul mate valentine

Or perhaps a devil
Who’d joyfully cut your throat
For profit or for trade
To have a better bar of soap
To wash away the shade
In the most contemporary
Soft spoken extermination
Hail the deacon of admission
Hail the soft shoed politician
Lifted up from the whiskey grave
To a smooth unintellectual exposition
Locked in the unutterable name of names

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