The Stars Now In Your Eyes

The Stars Now In Your Eyes

What’s divine is all forgiving
Even if we give up the fight
Even if we have no need of it
Even if we said SAT NAM a million times
And that was only the beginning
Even if we drank the blood
And ate the flesh
Of the holy fountain blossom Jesus Christ
In Avataric honor
In vital transformation
Or the origin of the species
As the only thing
That is really real

Whether by lock or key
Or interdiction
Spins wild in uncanny
Long lost tales of greatness brutally inflicted
Each puzzle piece a masterpiece of history
We have no idea
We just bow before the mystery
And take the ride
In forms yet to be formulated
To find another wonder why
I dreamed you were one kiss away
Of light of sound
A dawning
I played the game of love
And I became love’s traitor
I reached down in my soul
To be the stars now in your eyes

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