Leaving You Today

Leaving You Today

If I knew leaving you today
Would make your world
Much brighter
Set in stone

I would do it in a heartbeat
Even if it made me make myself
It’s my own personal opinion
That I’m the better option in the transmigration
Although the sustained sense of happiness
Is next to impossible
Doesn’t mean you’re
Never going to be sad again
My response when I’m rejected
Is to get so much better
It will force whoever
To someday maybe change
Their rigid mind again
But it never seems to
So I’ve been trained well
In the art of disappointment
Graduated doctor
Magna Cum Laude

Life is a trial of tremendous tragic beauty
It’s not just a matter
Of getting all that we can get
But of being able
To give all we can give
Is the only true happiness I’ve found
So far anyway

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