A Spot Of Tea With Baba

A Spot Of Tea With Baba

This state of concurrent awareness
Or where we are in our
Inner march
In our divine rendition
I once thought
There was only one woman

That if you treated
One woman wrongly
The next woman or women
Or Adi Shakti or whatever
Would get you back for it
In spades

Then I came to realize
It’s not that there’s only one woman
It’s really that there’s only one person
Who discovered the language
Of the synapse
The golden wine
The long champagne
The speed of thought
The evolution of conscious awareness
In a spot of tea with Baba

Taking notes
Harboring decisions
Processing claims
Compiling composites
Structuring random far flung critiques
Scrutinizing the unapparent
Calculating each involuntary twitch of a nerve
And eventually
The surreptitious insurgence
Into the next step out
And up another wrung of wisdom climbed
Into a newer higher deeper wider
Heretofore unanticipated
And am so duly humbled
An aspiring individual soul
A mere jivatma om shiva
On the journey of consciousness
Or shall I say one GOD
Truth is it’s name
And eternally sacred
It’s ongoing mission

I Can’t Let You Go

Willie Mays was born to play ball
I was born to write
So what if I got everything else wrong
At least I showed my light

All lost loves dreams and wishes
Left me with
The nothing to know

But prayer
I was brought up christian
And I can’t let you go

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