Holograph Prison

Holograph Prison

Who cares what ism is or isn’t
We need to stop
The vast separation of vision
99% of the world’s wealth
To be controlled by 1% of the world’s population
As to how to get it
And keep it ever more ruthlessly
Everyone else is struggling
Must we return to another
Primeval century
Of war mongering crimson kings
And groveling proletariats

Diversified culture is everything
In the maintenance of peace
Where balances in power
Are nonexistent
Where the good of THE PEOPLE
Is not the preeminent provision
We are not one world
But we are one planet
And as long as there is just one shout out
For faith hope and love
From anywhere
We should line right up
Just to hear it

There’s an all knowing you in you
But the path there is a dark and thick
Jungle where there’s a dangerous river
And escape routes filled
With mistakes and snakes and
Phantoms of past people
Like a video game of our own life
In a flower bed of roses
If you choose to accept this mission
Here’s a machete
Get hackin’ –

Oh and if they can’t take you
You may be mapping uncomfortably close
To their dark mazes and mausoleums
Of inadmissible truth
Or unacknowleded flesh
Dancing extemporaneously within
The next few renditions
Of your brand new self illuminating
Holograph prison

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