The Glue Between Atoms

The Glue Between Atoms

We are surfing the crest
Of a dream
Of a vast unknown into known
What would be the evolutionary advantage
Of having consciousness
Or that one entity’s trinket is another entity’s jewel
And, were there stages of the development
We are products of a deviant strain
And so like unto GOD
A fractured loony maze
Of seraphim winged tumult
The universal hum
Is eternal expression
of transcendent proclamation
an endless heralding
In radiating everything

As when death and life first locked lips
The silence
The religion
The science
The silence of religion
The prison
Intrinsically interwoven
The realization of GOD
A wildflower on her way to swollen ecstasy
The road is false
Riddled with the ways of slumber
Every human and every fruit fly are made
From the same six molecules of DNA
From the same five atoms
Every thing in the universe is everything else
What makes us kills us and then makes us again
Yet salvation
Unlike most things
Is not the collective predisposition
As is evolution
The nirvana and the nirvakalpa nexus
The soul
That circumvents the death and decay
That is the world
Disguised as an unattainable lover
Disguised as something dire to being
Like air like food
Disguised as a mysterious beauty –
So mysterious as to make one dream
Of things never yet dreamed
So intoxicating as to make one refuse the tantric wine
Of many huge, bright suns
In cavalcades of inner mounting paradise
A trojan horse within each bloom
A whim on a whimsy
A holy ghost
A golden ticket
An infinity pass
A song whose melody
Interlopes with and haunts
As lucky charms of collective molecules
Light is alight with GOD
Molecules are GOD
The glue between atoms
The Chitra and Gupta raging in GOD

All universes imaginable and unimaginable are GOD
Nothingness that can never be real
Never was nothing
And never can be nothing
All laws
Principles politics and elegant equations
That exist in existence
Eventually boil down to one truth
True love is no joke
No romance of flowers and candies
GOD is not nothing
Nothing is the false everything

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