Bred for the only real victory
I race across the sun
Trained, but without provocation
I am a thoroughbred…my longing
Carved explicitly upon each gene

The gate is released
And I charge forth with crazy passion
A mad and fiery sprint
To where I might be consumed by you

The crowd roars
And I respond
If you are a gambler
Gamble on me

For the master holds the reins
And I am unbridled by his love
I have been given the blinders of the Holy Nam
So that I will not be distracted
I feel the spurs in my side
And the whip in my heart
But I continue ever faster in my race
For the one

The furlongs of infinity blur at my side
I am drugged by this longing
Tears well up from the wind in my face
Veins are bursting from my skull
My heart screams for victory
My stride spans lifetimes
Just a furlong from home

And when the race is over
The victory done
I am garlanded with his mercy
And found justified
In his love

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