The Silence Of Meher Baba


The Silence Of Meher Baba

It’s easy to be critical of the criticized
With a prejudicial judgement
Based upon false claims
What’s based on truth
Should always be preeminent
The more sane I am
The more I am insane

Take this junk heap pile
Of information
Take it to the cemetery
Take it to the grave
It’s GOD’s will
If it’s GOD’s will
Then nothing can destroy us
But who could ever hope
To only do the will of GOD
And not know what the difference meant

I’ll give you my pound of pain
My pound of pleasure
I’ll give you my soul symphony
My box of rain
Making a new
Better song onward for forever
Where the silence
Of Meher Baba
Is proclaimed
How could we have been given
A computer
Of this great magnetically magnified
Without the word made manifest
In the vibrance of His Holy Name

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