I Dreamed She Had A Dream Of Me, Good Bye

I Dreamed She Had A Dream Of Me

In the receiving of today’s news
And social media
It’s not difficult to forget
The value of human life
Any photo copy of a photo copy
Of a photo copy
With magnesium
A facsimile of a what
An email
Another breath
Take 2 a day and you’re all right
I guess so
Round and on it goes
And it never stops
It just goes and goes
But we know what each other does
So we can interpret how much
Money we make
So we can negotiate
Our materialistically spiritual fate
Are you relaxed or funny or not
Or just weird
How much do we weigh
Are we single
Any diseases we should know about
Like religion
On camera from birth
Our intrinsic worth
And once all that’s processed
Sometimes I feel
It would take a miracle
To untie these post modern entanglements
The people the elite murder in silence
Don’t die
They live on as supernatural soldiers
At war in unseen nether worlds
With the energies of darkness
That had become their idols
In gross form
Undercover zombies
Trans-hallucinatory fallen angels
Feeding on residents of peaceful
Neighborhoods here in america
The bastards
The burden of pride now lifted
Even guillotined
And things began to make proper sense
We aren’t required to cry
It gets in the way
Of our occasionally necessary sub human
Lack of imagination

I had to give my crackhead
Friend a ride to work this morning
He didn’t answer his phone
I called 3 times
I worried he might be dead
Already I began thinking
I’ll get his money
So Beano doesn’t get it
He’d want me to do that
However his death had been greatly exaggerated
In my mind
He was fine

But there’s nothing like the smell of death
To get you to take a quick detour
Through a long quarantined hidden side
Of consciousness
A cogent reminiscence

But then hurry up get back to
Hold it in
Turn it off
Rub some dirt in it
Toughen up
Toughen up
Toughen up
Toughen up
Toughen up

Get back to not feeling anything anymore
At all
Hurry up

I dreamed she had a dream of me
In which I said
Come to my bed
My bed is the heart

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