The Long Promenade

The Long Promenade

I run on a different engine
I need a trans-dimensional octane
An alien blend
In viscous light

Being your stranger
Ain’t all it’s cracked up to be
The pain doesn’t bother me
But the meaninglessness
Somehow smudges up the sheen

You need an opiate
Or an amphetamine
Or a stiff double jack awake
I need less drama and performances
Then I’m fine

You need more love
I provide a fire
But I now need a reason
To walk the line

Some say it’s over
Or never began
I’ll tell you anything

I ask only because I wondered
If you knew
You can lose everything
If you try really hard

It’s true
You can have anything
If you have enough

Garbage removal
Ect…etc… etc… ad infinitum

You mentioned the word love

What can my own thought’s do
I am a tiny ant on a tiny ant hill
A scintilla
A practically imperceptible glimmer
In the long promenade
You dictate from your all knowing tower
The ruler of the nothing appears
But holds no power over you

Your heart holds the unknown hidden
Apparently nonexistent chains
Of molecular treasure
Inside the deep within
That holds the key
To the Nothing and the Everything

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