Storming Heaven

Storming Heaven

So you’re storming heaven
But which one
The heavens are like a thousand shining jewels
Gloriously alluring, brilliantly intoxicating
Yet they become as cold stones
Without the infinite sun

So you’ve zazzened the pure void
Tasted ecstasy
Basked in the ineffable
Staggered by the weight of the beatific vision
Made love with god
Been destroyed and resurrected in one fell swoop
Privy to the whisperings of angels
Bursting forth within a fiery dynamic loop

Yet we have seen but a mere shadow of a shadow
Of the unknowing architect
Of the nothing
Of the infinite void
Came a ripple
And we are realizing GOD
Gazing into the infinite jeweled matrices
Of heaven in rivulets bursting
Forth in nectar power
Sinless glory
Or love that conquers any lack
Down the golden blood drenched scriptures
Ribboned ceremoniously neath precious angel light
Each holding the 4th akashic dimension
Each reverberating spontaneous treasures
Each singing existences of adoration celebrations
Like 18,000 sparkling diamonded necklaced worlds
In the nothing’s
Most brilliant shadow
In a dream where we know
We know GOD
O bold intrepid stranger
The psychedelic freeway leads nowhere fast
But ride on

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