Code is made to be broken
Douglas MacArthur
Code can be fixed
For the lazy and weak to hide behind
Like drinks
Mickey Finn

Roads that were once
Are gone in the night life
Years that weren’t there fly by
In the things we find comfort
Meaning lost enough in
To forget our plight
Or found enough in
To dissolve the delusion
And to see all the more
With a brand new bright light

Please take this feeling
Of empty loneliness away
And trade it for a song to sing
Trade it for a brand new day
Trade it for a bell to ring
Straight through the heart
Trade it for a diamond ring
Trade it for the greatest thing
Way back in the be-gin-ning
Trade it for something
Or somebody to love
There’s no getting beneath
The zeitgeist feminist sheik
I wonder if I’m wasting your time
Falling in love

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