One Soul Sleeve {Final}

One Soul Sleeve {Final}

Some people
They just need that pound of flesh
And don’t think they’ve been fed
Unless they have it

That’s why I believe in GOD
Because if I believed in just people
I’d eventually end up
Served up on some table
In yet another banquet of terror
In yet another futuristic count of the dead
But why play games with the game maker
Its ancient action comics kryptonite
Is one pronouncement of the truth
Away from each defeat
Shall one day rise to trickery
With an ace of hearts hiding
Strictly up the one soul sleeve
With a deceptively guileless poker face
True freedom is just a kiss away
Lord have mercy

And take this fire inside my heart
And any ash it might impart
There is no rest until
We rest in thee
There is no quench to the thirst
But endless is the victory!

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