Love Weary Friend

Love Weary Friend

If the only thing we understand
Is the selfish ego of others
Because the only thing we are
Is the selfish ego of ourselves
We make for a sad culture
Incessantly the misguided self-righteous
Self adorational diplomat cheese
Steal a glance at those trinkets
Who cares about the seven mysteries
I got plenty of cash

They said I was a fool
To have faith in you
You can only have faith in yourself
They said
There’s the old school
And there’s the new school
But the soul is neither young nor old
Why ask
I know you love me

But often can’t stand me
Other than the love I can give
In the unseen realms that far endure

That arc of rogue celestial light

Around your anthem auburn strands

Of angel flair
Please don’t make it so painful
I’ve had enough pain
In this chance of a lifetime
To say “just let it be”
But if it is
Thy will
That I must lose you
Again and again
Please have faith
I will have soon recovered,
Your love weary friend

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