Dreamy Roadster

Dreamy Roadster

Not being entirely immune from temptation
In the mind
Or by the hand

Or in the heart
Reaching for clues without explanation
To wrestle with
Some elegant rendition running around
In the rat maze of the riddle
In the drunken haze
Of the pied pipering
Designated reservations
To the prophets of the coming soon
To the flautists and the fiddles
In the dynamics of desire
Other than a song
Or an intermittently elegant candy
Or an autumn leaf lost
In a transcendental gaze
Or your poetry in motion
As an evolutionary celebration

There were those days when I might dare it
And investigate the treasure scented veils
Or risk the moon or sacrifice the queen
But those days are gone
Consequence out drifts the restless drifter
I had to learn the hard way
So much so
May I offer you this salutation fission
But my value in the market’s way down
So may I offer you a dreamy roadster
A one way writer
On the freeway

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