Scarlet Ribbons

Scarlet Ribbons

Is it no longer contemporary
To expect respect
Or common courtesy
Or do we need the need
The humble surrender
The humility
Paid with the bitter revenue of humiliation
With a side of well baked humble soufflé
Tossed with some pre-predicated algorithmic
Rolls of the dice
Give us this day
Our daily day
Our box of rain
Our bowl of rice
Our ration of curcumin
A salutation to the sun
And don’t forget those scarlet ribbons
If I live to be a hundred
Those scarlet ribbons for her hair

I see no future in hiding
May the truth be known
Inner secrets in a consecrated field
In abeyance
Hermetically sealed
How beautiful must she become
Before anyone admits
She’s ineffable
Out on the street still begging
Inside a heart still aching
Jonesing on an endless fix
On a mission
Returning home again the same day
I’m happy by her happiness
I’m saddened by her sadness
I’m sick by her sickness
Her happiness is what I desire for her
Even if someone or something else
May avail to her better
The kind of happiness she needs

Once upon our latest device
Long distance here’s nowhere calling
Don’t think once
Don’t think twice
Or don’t worry baby
Be happy
And everything nice
If the world was built for you
At your command mr. white
What troubles could you possibly have
When you’re the “they”
When they ask “who’s they?”
The blamed or acclaimed
When they say “who are you?”

And ain’t it so nice
To briefly forget
What we were so sad about today
Ain’t it just fine to face the music
All along
Ain’t it just grand
Even if we are
Pre superhuman
Walk abouts in bloom
With confidence
Unimpeded by the known

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