To My Son On Halloween

To My Son On Halloween

For all forces seen and unseen
For all souls and saints in heaven’s green
For the dark ones on all hallows eve
For the kindlier, the grave and mean
On this dark chilled night – this halloween

For witchcraft wether good or bad
For the child who is very glad
For the lonely woman old and sad
For the ranting crow and pumpkin bright
For strange shadows on all hallows night

For the necromancer from the grave
For swirling leaves and candle flames
For the whisperings of all saints names
For sordid deeds and devilʼs games
When freed spirits filter through the seams
And jack-o-lanterns brightly gleam

For the wind that howls a sea of souls
For the goblins and the warty trolls
For the skeleton that clacks and rolls
For the black cat leaping past your toes
Where the dark skies flash with angel light
And ghosts fly past in filmy white

To all brave children if they dare
Please watch your step and please beware
Thereʼs spells and magic everywhere
Though your parents might not seem to care
They’ve forgotten all the things they’ve seen
On this dark chilled night – this halloween

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