The Hallows

The Hallows

What you exist for
Is not discoverable
Because it discovers you
Based in the algorithm of the immeasurable
But they forgot one clue
Way up high upon the windy hill
The within of the within
Of the hopelessly undefinable,
Once a ray of love breaks through

Let’s knock down all the walls
Let’s paint everything white
Let’s build a better fireplace
Let’s make a reservation
Let’s fight for the cause
Let’s be a self enraptured heavyweight
In a perfect hive-like world
All bright and gay

Let’s pay the price
Let’s walk the broken crucifix
Let’s eat the body and drink the blood
Not to be our own worst enemy
Let’s bear the wounds of pride and prejudice
Let’s beg for infinite mercy
As we grovel in the hallows
Of His Holy Name

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