And if I say
We will always be together
There is no quip
That I can think of right away
But what’s a poem but a hack
A secret door to an alien kingdom
It takes a million lifetimes to remember
Whatever it is it is
A poem must say

For what’s a man anymore?
Nothing but a tool
To obey orders
Everything else has stringent borders
Less than a dog
Just to be a father
Blamed if it’s finally asked
Why bother
Never mind
Here’s your check

There’s the venom of the snake
There’s a woman clothed like the sun
With her foot pressing down
On the nape of its neck
And the bones in its skull pop
Crackle and snap

There is a gift from a king
There is a bold offering
A holy hand made of pure pandemonium dust
And love is just beginning to ring

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