Dark Heart

Dark Heart

Does all internet information
Get stored forever?
If not then maybe it should be
Mistakes and lies made truths
Occur through lack of valid
And unbiased information

So get a bigger computer
For the soul
And win the information wars
And all that rages
Between the mind
Spot on a dime
In the age
Of exploding and hyper regulated
Scientifically encrypted
Cultural devestation

But then there is the Akashic Record
Written by angels
That contains a hard wired intricate
Intimacy of expression, of art
In the telling of the story of everything
From before the beginningless beginning
To beyond the endless victory

I worry about bad spells and incantations
From any ill informed or unintentional
Inscripter of minds
With the destructive magic
Of certain black verses
I do not cross the line
Pre designed
Having any ill purpose
Intent or misbegotten advantage
Change of station to sustain
The handwriting’s on the wall
The written in blood
Illumined in the mud
Time to offer up the honed tungsten crucifix
Not to hurt
But to beware
The spiritual sword
Raised high in the air
Like the divine guru
The holy sword of protection
Bouncing any ill spirited energy
Depravity, jealousy or curse
Right back at the originator
Some call it instant karma
At least “pretty fast” compensatory drama
Anyway, sooner or later
With whatever form or amount of malfeasance
The dark heart had originally attempted to convey

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