The Mandala Weave

The Mandala Weave

Being a constant game player
Is living “at” people
Competing for the survival
Always taking never giving
Hopeless and lost
In the mandala weave

Better to live together
“With” people
Struggling to overcome
The doggy dog doggy-ness
Intertwined in pure survivor
Giving and taking
Another dope dictating the balance
Of synaptic compilations
In the mandala weave

You’re weaving
Work your lace your twists
You got Liberace
Streaming through your wrists
The irresistible theory
That to live “for” each other
Is to leave no soldier lost
Or left behind
In the mandala weave

Author’s comment: In case you’re still thinking
What the hell is a mandala weave?
A mandala weave to me
Is just one of the names I use instead of life
In the pursuit of a nearly impossible perfection
But when it first hit my ear it sounded so good
I didn’t care what it meant
I had to use it 3 times!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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