Shout Out For Love

Shout Out For Love

I see you’re pushing me away
As you cry out for me
Or what I might see as an affront
In all this creative fear
Is but a shout out for love

I’d trade the constellations in my loins
For but a stanza
Of your 100 % pure gold crucifixion kiss
Divine mercy in my soul sister
As reflected dust
in the blue light
Of the diamond crystal
Core that shines in everything

And when you are silent
It doesn’t mean that I don’t exist
In fact it means that I’m existing
Ever more exclusively
So that I might be able to discern
Some lone voice calling out through the mist
Some ancient are born lioness
In conjugation of the prowl
I’d forego the maelstrom of bliss –
To hear your shout out for love

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