Where would you like
To be redirected to today kid
I will take you
Wherever you did not want to…
Oh, wait a minute
Maybe you did want to
Ummm, how much?

Nothing like being
Willingly unwitted and transported
On the ultra unregulated
Emotional sentimentality freeway
As good as cash
On the InnerNet autobahn
To the gateway of love
In proclamation of
The unmercifully beautiful
Old time slogan:
The more we come together
The more we stay at home
Snuggled up in a warm cotton cocoon
In a moon spun nightgown
With the “feel appropriately guilty”
Security police
To protect you, direct and guide you
Standing on either side
Of your bed as you sleep –
On duty
And in marshaled salutation
At the infamous FU penitentiary
Although I have plenty of faults
Of my own, not weaknesses
But mistakes
Some of which I cannot shake
But with the clarity of Baba
I have some attributes as well
Most of which one cannot fake
I hope now rudderless toward love
Sailing further
In the star drenched night
Where the moon hit my heart like the sun
Made me wonder
If there ever was another light

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