One Liberation

One Liberation

Burying ourselves and each other
With things
Doesn’t solve problems

Saying I love you
A hundred times a day
Is just a bandaid
Or a security blanket
If we don’t DO love

If we refuse the gift
Of inspiration
What good is friendship?
We forego the real jewels of life
For trinkets
We live life AT each other
Rather than FOR each other
Giving less than nothing
Under the guise
Of giving everything

The path is congested
With the debris of ‘my and mine’
Deceit and conceit
Higher than mountains
And there are many waylay stations along the way
We call home and name happiness
But they are only
The transitory delusions of happiness
Eventually leading to sorrow

There is but one GOD
One purity
One perfection
One truth
One triumph
One surrender
One soul
One answer

Remember the Lord
Remember the Lord
Remember the Lord in meditation
O siblings of destiny

Without remembering the Lord’s name in meditation
A great many are drowned

Your spouse
House and possessions
We think these will give us peace
But none of these shall be ours
When the time of death arrives

The whore monger
And the prostitute committed many sins
But still, they crossed over the world-ocean
By chanting the Lord’s name

We have wandered in reincarnation
As pigs and goats
Did we feel no shame?
Forsaking the ambrosial name of the Lord
Why do we eat poison?

Let us abandon our doubts about do’s and don’ts
And take to the Lord’s name

The goal of human life
Is to love the Lord
As we love one another

Love the Lord…

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