The New Day Lustral Sunrise

The New Day Lustral Sunrise

You’re delusional!
They said with disdain

Of course I am
He replied
I can’t afford not to be

If I wasn’t
How would that be for the kids?

It would be like fasting on thanksgiving
Or unacknowledged spiritless christmases
Where the things we get and give are all that matters –
Where the flowers of dreams weren’t real
Where jesus was forgotten
Eliminated from the altars of things
Booted out of our man-made
Gardens of materialism

Delusional with good reason

Delusional because of the bafflements of love
And all its messy
Ego-entwined syncopations

We’d have laws
To ban the new day lustral sunrise

Of the heart

For being so real
So adamant
So edifying
So redemptive
So cleansing
So unifying
And so eternal

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