Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

NASA has disclosed
Via its mars exploration rover
That water may have once existed on mars
Something to do with life
Originating elsewhere, possibly
Providing even more evidence, once again
That we are nothing unique
That we are nothing special
Since we’re basically just phenomena,
An astoundingly causeless byproduct
Of random subatomic jostling

And if we’re merely phenomena
Then we have no special relationship
With anything sacred
Anything intended or believed
Especially any fictionalized
Super supreme entity originator
Or tooth fairy
Or GOD, as it’s commonly referred to
By the ignorant masses

The scholars have decided
Their treatise is full
Only what can be quantified intellectually
Really exists

So GOD is in dire need of revision –
A new makeover
As to be cohesively aligned and in tune
With contemporary scientific and political ideology
Something to do with dwindling
Or lack of tangible verifiable veracity
As only what can be deciphered
By the almighty human brain
May actually exist

So it has been concurrently decided
To pull jesus down from the cross
Send zoroaster a stern compliance directive
Tell the dervishes they can stop whirling now
Tell the shakers – stop their shaking
Tell the jews that moses never spoke with god
Tell the yogi’s that their discipline is misguided
And to go fry up some kielbasa
Inform the missionaries of charity of mother teresa
And explain to the franciscans
And the poor clare sisters of st. francis
That sanctity and jesus are not real
Tell these leaves of grass to stop growing,
But there is no eternal soul…

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