Celestial Circuitry Transmission

Celestial Circuitry Transmission

I had a great dream
That whoever I could think of
Or picture from here on in
Would be granted their own golden ticket
Right on straight through to heaven, one way
As long as they didn’t forget
It’s easy to lose
Or have stolen away
Bypassing more than a thousand repetition lifetime
Fresh with the initial morning’s
Sparkling treasure chest gleaming anew

On a deep rich golden shining
Super sunday morning
Bright with hope faith love and wizardry
On a new mission mystery minstrel
To a far fangled palatial bloom epiphany
Yeh dopamine
On a pure rich golden mountain accolade to climb
On tantric buddha inner molecule
Super sun radiant quantum nanite celestial circuitry divine
A meet and greet at renunciation station
Riding a million sprinting carbon fountaining lies
What the secret silent scented ambrosial wave way races
In a final farewell
To a trillion superstition nanite endorphins
Ringing in on this mesmerizing phenylethylamine
House of hope
Riding in on
A caravan of love’s symphony

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