Acapulco ‘Neath The Moon Glow

Acapulco ‘Neath The Moon Glow

I start prayer
At the feet of the beloved
In the hour of ambrosia
In the hour of need
And somehow end up in Acapulco
‘Neath the moon glow
Thinking that consciousness
Has no grave or name
Frozen in chimes
Billowing through Parvardigar’s place
Without the trick question
When, where, why, what
Now and forever by whom
If it be thy will be done
Not to mention who’s to blame
And who’s the blamer
On a vast starship fecund seed
To still believe, hope and have faith
As children do
That dreams can come true
That there is a happy ending
And beginning
As we bow in reverent oneness together
Like a drop
Of the glorious hour deep nectar

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